Washing a Bison with a Unicorn

I recently won the battle with a beaded cowl kit, which I bought from The Buffalo Wool Co.  I really love the people behind this fiber company and I have always had a great time working their yarn on my needles.

I never consider a knitting or crochet project finished until after a good soak and blocking.  When I started knitting I took a lot of cues from my mom.  She is a wonderful knitter but rarely strays from simple projects and never soaked or blocked her scarves or hats.  As the projects I made became more complex I started looking to other mentors.  Once I washed and blocked my first piece I found out what a difference it makes it to every item.

For this piece I used Unicorn Fibre Wash.  I really like Unicorn Fibre products. The line is from Virginia, which makes it a local product for me. I originally bought the product as a hopeful laugh, because who doesn’t want to be ready when a dirty unicorn shows up?  You can order the product online or at your LYS. Fortunately my LYS, Uniquities, carries all three products.

Nuts and boFiber-Unicorneditlts:

Unicorn Fibre makes three cleansing products – Power Scour, Fibre Wash, and Fibre Rinse.  The Power Scour is a wonderful product for washing raw fleece  or – as it is used my house – to clean hard stains on laundry day. Bye-bye red wine stains!  The Fibre Wash is great for cleaning and refreshing all garments. I like to use it in the wash when seasonal garments come out of storage. The Fibre Rinse is a nice final touch to add softness and has anti-static benefits. I find it helps accentuate the drape. All products are biodegradable & earth friendly.

© Unicorn Fibre

I’ve had great results with the whole line and was glad to use the last of my unicorn wash to bathe my beaded bison.
Name another craft where that is a truthful statement. 🙂

© moldavitesofa

I set the garment to soak in the Fibre Wash and then drained the water when I was ready to block. You can also add a teaspoon of Fibre Rinse into the last clear water rinse but I had run out.

The cowl came out beautifully.  The soaking process washed out any of the oils that had transferred to it when I was knitting it at circles, on the train, or at home.  The Fibre Wash really helped to open up the lace work and even out the stitches in the beaded section.

© moldavitesofa

If you want to try any of the Unicorn Fibre products, you can ask for free samples here.

For more on the bead bison cowl, please see my project page on Ravelry.

What do you do to finish your projects?


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