Getting Giddy for Maryland Sheep & Wool

April may be the cruelest month, but May rings in with a favorite fiber festival.

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival one of the largest, and longest-running, festivals dedicated promoting to sheep and wool in the United States. It is celebrating 40 years next month and remains an all volunteer festival sponsored by Maryland Sheep Breeders Association (MSBA).  There is no fee to park or enter, but donation boxes are available at the gate to help support future festivals.

The festival is held during the first weekend in May at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Maryland. While the main focus is sheep, there are many vendors selling other yarns like alpaca, angora, or bison! Don’t forget to schedule time to watch the sheepdogs trials, it is an amazing ballet in person!

It is a great way to see yarns and needles in person that you might only see online, like one of my favorites, The Buffalo Wool Co.

This year I’m volunteering, that way I can visit the festival but hopefully not add to the Stash Monster.


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