Knit it to Win it!

1192, oh you crafty artist!

After a few years of knitting everyone a hat or a scarf, you’ll start branching out to more sophisticated patterns.  One of the things I like to do is put my knitting and crochet into competitions.

I attend a number of Irish festivals each year and there is usually an Art competition at the adult level.  Sometimes, there is even a separate entry for knitting or crochet.  Once I have the target date in sight it gives me an opportunity to really push my skills on a piece.

This weekend I’m submitting one piece for judgement.  A year ago, for the same festival, I made an adorable teapot cozy.  I loved that piece.  Then I walked by the adult art competition and happily understood my 2nd Place. 1192, you were a strong competitor.

I haven’t tried a state fair or a wool festival yet, but I’m hoping to start preparing a lace piece for the 2016 Virginia State Fair.

What would you knit?


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