Peace out Crochet Dude

While FIFA is getting rocked by a 24 year investigation, crafters had the wool pulled off of the hooks today.

© The Crochet Dude

Drew Embrosky, aka The Crochet Dude, is gracefully bowing out of the game.

After ten years, he is casting off towards retirement / winding his last skein / no longer hooking for profit (no, wait….)

Thank you Crochet Dude, it has been a blast.


May I suggest knitting for the holidays now?

Every year I have a wonderful dreamscape of dropping off the perfected hand knit to friends and loved ones and most years I scramble to make something for the other members of knitting circle.  This year I want to get ahead of the game by picking out the pattern well in advance of Halloween.  At least the dreaming will seem organized this year.

I’m going to do a few last mememe projects first.  Including this bag from The Buffalo Wool Co. – I love their yarn & patterns.

I can’t wait to practice my intarsia skills with this project and fill it with holiday presents!

Christmas Bison pull the coolest sleighs

What projects do you have on tap? Any suggestions for fun holiday knits?